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Established in 1987, Pasargad Tours has come to earn the position of being Iran’s leading tour operator, a fact attested to by repeated “Certificates of Merit” being awarded to it by Iran’s Board of Tourism in addition to the trust put in it by some of the best known names in the travel industry and the most prestigious cultural institutions across the world.

At Pasargad Tours, we have remained committed to our initial goal of satisfying our clients as well as fulfilling the country’s cultural aspiration. Pasargad Tours achievement comes as a result of employing some of the most modern methods of management and the meticulous care that goes into every tour. We also boast a host of scholarly and experienced guides as the people in the field who rank amongst the best in the country.


Parvaneh Sattari

+98 21 220 200 11
+98 930 162 97 91


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